Case study

Transform Games Brand Identity and Marketing Strategy

By KarI Y. Snyder, MFA


Straight Biz desired an identity package featuring a logo and branding guidelines along with a national ad campaign to make the company better known and promote its products and services within the business world. Outside of business and marketing strategy, I also developed all content including a website, videos, advertisements, various promotional collateral, signage, and a learning game.


- Creative Director
- Graphic Designer
- Lead Writer
- Content Lead




- One Month


- Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, AfterEffects)
- Adobe XD
- WordPress


New Brand Identity

Marketing Campaign

Business Strategy

Identity design

The company is a corporate training video game studio that leverages the power of full-motion videos with gameplay for mobile devices. Research was done on the top three competitors. Further strategy came from completing a SWOT, a historical timeline, target market and persona development, and marketing strategy analysis. A differentiation ZAG statement and company narrative were developed based on the research.

The name Straight Biz says nothing about what the company does or why it is of value. By focusing on the company’s skill of ‘transforming through games,’ the name, Transform Games, offers an immediate impression on multiple fronts. 


The revised brand and ID included: a new logo, color palette, font family, stationary design, signage, a website, and miscellaneous uses (lanyard, iPad case). Digital and print advertisements, promo videos, an online training game, billboard truck and text promotions were all developed for the marketing campaign.


The project won a Full Sail Director Award.

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