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Coco Eco Magazine - Creative Director
Coco Eco Magazine

By KarI Y. Snyder, MFA


Coco Eco magazine is an international, online, multi-platform eco-chic lifestyle brand celebrating sustainable fashion, beauty, celebrity and culture. Smart. Sexy. Sustainable. When I came on-board, the magazine was suffering from zero branding guidelinesa flawed production flow with authors sending in random word-count articles and incorrect photo formats; a lack of any layout template compounded by multiple designers with each laying in separate sections of the magazine and each doing their own take on the look and feel; and a website that did not have a pay gate nor any interaction with readership.


- Creative Director (all graphics and promotional work)
- Business Development
- Digital Media Production


- 12 International writers
- 4 Editorial team


- 3 years


- Basecamp
- Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
- HTML, CSS, and Javascript
- MS Office


Coco Eco Beauty Layout

Redesign Magazine & Brand

Coco Eco Website IPad

reformat website

reconfigure Production flow

Coco Eco Magazine covers


The first objective was in reformatting the magazine layout from a hodge-podge range of design styles and directions into a harmonious and sophisticated look with a central font family; a per-issue, single color theme; and a range of master compositional page templates.


The former Contents section was squeezed into a single page with hard-to-read page numbers and offered little in the way of up-selling various articles.

Coco Eco Contents Before


The redesigned Contents section was increased to a two-page spread with clear section title treatments, larger page numbers and a range of images to entice viewers.

Coco Eco Contents After


The former Beauty Products section was disjointed and cluttered.

Coco Eco Beauty Before


The redesigned Beauty Products section is clean and visually impacts.

Coco Eco Beauty After
Coco Eco Fashion Spread
Coco Eco Beauty Section Spread


Coco Eco Travel Before


Coco Eco Travel After
Coco Eco Fashion Spread
Coco Eco Article Spreads
Coco Eco Main Article Spread


I wireframed and redesigned a new web site that included digital magazine subscription service, social media linking, a blog with article comments, Google Ad integration, Amazon affiliate integration, and online ads so that in-magazine advertisers could also book online placement. The redesign caused a revenue growth rate of 1,400%.

Coco Eco Website Redesign Article
Coco Eco Website Redesign iPad
Coco Eco Website Redesign beauty

Production Flow

To better facilitate production flow within a disbursed, global team of 33 - 60 content creators and writers, I had everyone centralized through Basecamp, an online production management tool. I created a detailed Production Guide that covered everything from how to name files, how to FTP images; an article word count and photo requirement list, and check lists for content submissions and deadlines. The enhanced flow of communication lowered the publication error rate from over 80% to less than 2% in under five issues.

Coco Eco Production Guide


Devised a five-year business plan and pitched to over a dozen angel investors / VC groups

Coco Eco British Festival Coco Eco Magazine Rack

Boosted paid subscriptions from 0% to 6.8% of unique viewers over six months (industry average is 5%).

Coco Eco Fashion Spread
Coco Eco Beauty Spread

“Whilst working with Coco Eco Magazine, Karen has exhibited exemplary  organization skills managing both operations and staff. She is respected as a team leader who multi-tasks efficiently  and calmly under intense  deadline, whilst always maintaining a level head.  Karen is a natural  communicator, and a team player that will go above and beyond in her contribution to a flawless  execution.”

Anna Griffin,
Founder & Editor-in-Chief,
Coco Eco Magazine
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