Case study

Alkalize Energy Brand & Packaging

By KarI Y. Snyder, MFA


An innovative ecologically friendly germ eliminating start-up, Sterilize-It, needed communication, marketing, branding and packaging assistance to best secure continued angel investment and start both consumer and commercial sales accounts. I was brought in to assist on various fronts.


- Creative Director
- Graphic Designer
- Packaging Designer
- Lead Writer
- Executive Producer


- Emily Perez, Photographer
- Deville Vannik, Talent
- Neysa Joyce Talent


- 3 months


- Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere)
- HTML, CSS, Javascript
- MS Suite


Design Brand Strategy

Create Cable Commercials

design PacKaging


After reviewing the target market and the energy drink competition, I conducted various point of purchase surveys at retail sales venues. With research in hand, I developed several new logo and packaging designs which were run by a consumer testing group along with the company founders. A sporty logo was picked along with a darker color theme.

Packaging design

The original design lacked a sport style design and leaned toward the water market rather than the energy drink market. I designed knock-out zones in the logo and the background pattern so the metallic of the aluminum can shown through.




The client also sought my assistance in developing a marketing campaign to launch the new design. The budget was small, so I leveraged it on cable and online videos, re-vamped website, and new sales collateral. I brokered a deal with an action stunt talent, Deville Vannik, and a lay actress and health enthusiast, Neysa Joyce, to represent the brand for a year. I kept the writing style direct and included a lot of action verbs. The content was health focused to match the needs of the target market. I also developed a 30 day acidity challenge to involve the target audience to document their health journey to be added to the second phase of the campaign.


The revised plan secured the company an additional $200,000 in angel funding.

The sales team secured five regional sales channels. 

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