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"Mariposa and the Galaxy Man" Video Game
Mariposa and Galaxy Man

By KarI Snyder, MFA


Mariposa and the Galaxy Man is a story-rich stylized 3D platformer set in a galaxy with colorful planets based on different decades of the 1900s. Save space creatures, platform precarious places, solve physics-based puzzles, and interact with fun characters as you zoom across the galaxy to save a man made of stars.

The game demo featured over 2-hours of gameplay and targeted girls ages 12-28 years playing games on Steam via desktop.

My role included developing the logo and branding for the game, all UI design, UX testing, designing and building the website and all Kickstarter marketing assets and securing funding.


- UI/UX (100%)
- Audio Design
- Executive Producer


- Anastasia Snyder, Creator and Lead Artist and Writer
- Jonathan Nelson, Lead Coder
- Aurora Snyder, Composer
- 6 voice-over artists


- 2 years


- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe XD
- Adobe Premiere
- Adobe Audition
- Unreal

Elements Club Lord of Orange Stars
Elements Club Lab


Considering the target market of younger girls along with a 1970s theme for the game world, I focused attention on lush colors, 70s inspired fonts, use of butterfly patterns and negative space in-lays on various panels.  

Mariposa colors
Mariposa design elements
Mariposa colors
Mariposa design elements
Mariposa patterns
Mariposa buttons

For the logo treatment, a logo mark was leveraged typography-only design styles to complement multiple media distribution needs. 

mariposa and the galaxy man
mariposa and the galaxy man
mariposa and the galaxy man
mariposa and the galaxy man

In-Game Assets

Outside of UI design, I also created various in-game assets such as poster designs, travel icons, and touched up textures with book spine title designs and packaging designs such as cereal and pet food. 

Unity Match
Unity Match
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Elements Club Interactive Story
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