Case study

Construction Industry Author Brand

By KarI Y. Snyder, MFA


How to capture the attention of high school and college students to encourage them to consider a career in the construction industry? Author and construction industry expert Noé H. Saenz sought to market his book, "Design and Build Your Future" to young talent and turned to me to design a new brand.


- Graphic Design
- Web site Design & Build
- Illustration
- Video Editing




- One month


- Adobe InDesign
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Premiere
- Webflow


Create Brand ID & Logo

Design & Build a website

Create Marketing Content


After reviewing and researching authors in this field as well as the construction industry as a whole, I noticed that most folks relied on stock images, used the same colors of ocean blue and warning yellow and most branding lacked any hooks to draw in young talent.

I focused on vibrant colors to draw in the eye regardless of media platform. For illustrations, I leveraged an isometric vector look that could appeal to younger ages, but was still professional and relatable to adults. The font mix included one stylized primary font that featured a construction look along with a secondary highly readable font for large applications of text.

Outside of creating a logo and brand identity, I designed and created a website, two infographics, a poster, various isometric illustrations (a mix of custom work and stock), and reedited and rebranded his promo video.


The client loved the branding and was very happy with the educational infographics which he could use for marketing the book and to seek out speaking engagements. With his new website and promotional materials, he is looking forward to promoting book signing events.

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